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Incorporated in 1999, Avitar Enterprises Pte Ltd is the flagship company of the Singapore based Avitar Group of Companies. The Group embodies expertise across a number of verticals including Telecommunications, F&B and Luxury, and has been expanding its presence most notably in Myanmar. With its recent foray into Cambodia, that brings to 10 the total number of countries where the Group has active business interests. Avitar Enterprises Pte Ltd oversees all banking matters and also operates a trading desk, engaging in high volume import and export of handheld devices.





Management Team

Pillars of Organization

Avinder Singh

Managing Director
Overseas Group Strategy

MBA - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
BSc (Hons.) Accounting & Finance – London School of Economics
Tel. +65 96395094
Email: avinder@avitar.com.sg

Tarun Chainani

In charge of FMCG Procurement & Distribution

MBA - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Tel. +65 9662 0724
Email: tarun@avitar.com.sg

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rather than bin your old handset, donate it to a worthy cause. We will arrange to have it collected and will donate whatever we are able to recover to a charity of your nomination, from those listed on our website. This is your chance to do your bit for society.

Call us at +65 9191 7000 or email support@csimobile.com.sg to schedule a collection.