To make a long story short, by 2012, we had embarked on several ambitious journeys, given the wellspring of opportunities that Myanmar offered us. While the market was at its nascent stage and the country was opening itself up to the rest of the world, Avitar was presented with many pioneering roles. Since then the company has expanded its business line to include Distribution services for Telecommunications, Restaurants and Distribution of FMCG. The brand has also made a small yet aggressive foray into the Luxury retail, with ‘Sevenfriday’ watches among other products.

Avitar’s line of F&B endeavors includes Yakun Coffee&Toast, Peperoni Italian, Titu’s among others. Its Distribution of Telecom services have empowered the people of Myanmar by offering impeccable connectivity through Ooreddo, which apparently is the country’s first 3g and 4g service provider. In the distribution of FMCG the company brought into Myanmar International brands which had little presence thereby satiating the need for such products especially among the ever increasing number of expatriates.